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    During the preventive examination (20min), the patient is acquainted with teeth and oral hygiene, defects, lesions, seals, overgrowth, recommendations for teeth whitening, aesthetic dentistry, and general dental consultations, suggesting how to start treatment. There is no treatment plan during a routine inspection.
    During the therapeutic, prosthetic or implantation counseling (30-60 minutes) the patient is informed about defects, damage and effects in the oral cavity, recommendations for appropriate treatment, treatment plan, and prices. The consultation includes recommendations for teeth whitening, endodontic treatment, dental removal, orthopedic treatment (prosthetics), implantation.
    Find a specialist for your child who will not only be well versed in the peculiarities of children's dentistry, but also child psychology. Let a dentist become a boyfriend who rescues from unpleasant toothache and helps keep them healthy and beautiful.
    Professional oral hygiene - prevention of dental caries, oral mucosa and periodontal diseases, early prophylaxis of teeth. This can be avoided by performing professional oral hygiene twice a year.
    Clinical trials have shown that teeth whitening performed under the supervision of a dentist for oral care specialists is a safe procedure. After the procedure it is recommended 24-48 hours. Avoid coloring and erosion-causing foods such as citrus fruits, berries, carbonated drinks, acidic drinks, coffee, black and green teas. The color change after the bleaching procedure is very individual and can be due to many factors. The procedure is recommended once a year.
    Advantages of dental implant: Healthy teeth are saved because the implant does not need an enlarged support, which would result in grinding adjacent teeth. Due to the natural jawbone and constant muscular work of chewing food, the bone is protected from loss, and the form of the face is uneven before the time. The implant is like a natural toothache, unpleasant discomfort when eating or smiling or communicating. The implant can last for a lifetime, under constant supervision of the oral cavity and preventive visits to the dentist.
    Periodontologic treatment is performed with Sirona SIROLaser Blue Dental Laser. Laser therapy means advanced dentistry and advanced patient care. Dental diode lasers offer significant advantages over conventional therapies, practically no wounds absorbed and scarring bacteria without scars. For patients, this means less postoperative pain and reduced need for medication.
    Why is dental implant important?
    In the absence of one or more teeth, most of us feel discomfort when chewing food. This function can be restored using a couple of different treatments: prosthetics and dental implantation. When a patient chooses a prosthetic procedure, depending on the condition of the oral cavity, the doctor may suggest a plate (removable prosthesis) or a bridge (a prosthesis attached). Both the prosthetic method helps to restore the bite function and improve the aesthetic image. However, only when choosing a dental implantation procedure, you can stop the bone loss process, completely restore the original bite function and achieve impeccable aesthetic results. In addition, with proper care of the oral cavity, the results can be enjoyed by the patient for even several decades.
    Surgical treatment is only performed when other conservative treatments are no longer effective: The crown of the tooth is broken, it is no longer suitable for prosthetics; Having a periodontal disease, teeth become loose; Cloths near the root of the tooth are often crowded, therefore endodontic treatment is no longer possible; Orthodontic treatment; Dance position is incorrect; Fractal tooth root; Abnormal tooth germ; Planning for prosthesis or implantation; Milk teeth are broken, loose, not long distances.
    The gift coupon is a great gift for those who care not only for the health of their mouths, but also for their loved ones or friends, we offer the gift coupons of the clinic. This is a great gift and an incentive for health and beauty. Gift voucher purchase and usage rules
  • 1. Gift voucher confirms prepayment and grants the gift coupon holder the right to purchase dental services in accordance with these rules. The gift coupon must be presented before the service is provided.
  • 2. Gift voucher can be purchased at the Dental Clinic "INDLORA"
  • 3. The gift coupon is valid for 3 months from the date of purchase. The gift coupon's expiration date and expiration date is indicated on the Gift Coupon.
  • 4. Gift voucher may be transferred to a third person
  • 5. Gift voucher for money is not changed.
  • 6. The recipient of the service can pay for the missing part of the price by cash, debit or credit card at the clinic in the amount of the provided services exceeding the amount specified in the coupon. If the amount of services is less than the amount indicated in the coupon, the difference is not refunded.
  • 7. Purchasing a Gift Voucher VAT invoice is not issued.
  • 8. Prior to using the Gift Coupon, it is necessary to pre-register by phone +370 682 61543
  • 9. The gift voucher is considered invalid after the expiration of the coupon or if it is impossible to identify the amount or expiration date of the service.
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